A special picture in the book „Pferde Pferde“, from Zofia Raczkowska, which I got from my parents at Christmas in 1973, inspired me very much. It was a flea-bitten grey mare standing in the rain. I was captured by the beauty of the horse so much and dreamed to own someday such a horse.

Sometimes dreams come true….

25 years later I met the mare Ansata Munira and from the first moment she captured my heart and soul with her classic type, her big dark eyes looking so kindly, her gentle character and incredible presence.

Ansata Munira


became the first horse in our small stud and founded the Egyptian breeding program on „Al Munira Arabians“. Today all our horses belong to the Dahmah Shawanyia via Farida

Please enjoy here the virtual journey of “ Al Munira Arabians“ our feel free to make an appointment for a visit in our stud. We look very much forward to have you visit.